Middle School (6th-8th Grade)

What Can I Expect as a Middle School Parent?  

We do A LOT of work and have A LOT of fun with middle schoolers! For middle schoolers we provide weekly klubs where we'll play fun games, worship together, and hear a talk from the Bible. We also have gender specific small groups that take place during the second half of Monday klubs. During this time, your student will dive deeper into God's word and build relationships with their peers. Monthly events are another way we bring our KLIFE family together to have tons of FUN! Finally, your KLIFE staff and volunteers desire to "do life" with your students so that we can not only speak truth into their lives but show them truth lived out. We want to be at their sports games, recitals, competitions, etc., we want to help with homework or help with their jump shot, and we want to mentor/disciple them. If you want your student to meet with us on a weekly/bi-weekly basis specifically for discipleship, PLEASE reach out to us! We are here to serve YOU!